School Shooting in CT 12/14

There’s no way I can get this in within 140 characters, so I’m turning to the WordPress page.

As I expected, once the major news outlets confirmed that there were deaths of young children in this morning’s Connecticut school shooting, the volley of pro- and anti-Second Amendment postings began littering social media sites. People’s reactions, regardless of their politics, are completely understandable: Children have died senseless deaths today, people feel rage, and that feeling is appropriate.

I’m going to sidestep all commentary and opinion regarding the Second Amendment. Instead, I’m going to ask everyone who reads this blog post to do one important thing. Whether you are a personal friend of mine, a casual browser of the internet, or (ESPECIALLY) if you work within the media as I do, I implore you to do one thing:

Do not repeat the shooter’s name.

His identity will eventually be released to the public. It will happen, and there is nothing that I can do about it. But as we saw with the Arizona shooter (whose name I know but refuse to repeat here), people will immortalize him in infamy, referring to him by first, middle and last name. Whether or not they wish to give the shooter attention, that is precisely what they’ll do. The promise of notoriety, no matter how malevolent, seems to be fuel for the fires of potential future mass-murderers.

Obviously, I don’t know what was in the depraved mind of this shooter. We can only assume. However, it is now irrelevant. He is dead, and thankfully cannot hurt another living soul. But regardless of where you stand on Second Amendment rights, I urge you to consider this:

This man senselessly murdered (at latest count) eighteen children and eight adults in what should have been the safety of a Connecticut school. Does a person who would do such a horrible thing deserve the notoriety of having his name etched into America’s collective memory?


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