Bracket-Bust-O-Rama, By The Numbers

I was feeling pretty bad about my brackets for 2013, even though I’m one win away from winning my pool. Then I saw this statistic from Yahoo! Sports that made me feel all warm-n-tingly inside.

Of more than 3 million bracket entrants on Yahoo:

  • Only NINE PEOPLE correctly picked all four Final Four teams (So congratulations to 8 people from Wichita, Kansas, and 1 lying asshole from Bayonne, New Jersey whose pants are constantly on fire)
  • Only 10,574 (0.3%) brackets have 3 of 4 Final Four teams correct
  • 277,900 (8.9%) brackets have 2 of 4 Final Four teams correct (I have Louisville and Syracuse. Yay, me.)
  • 1,807,344 (58.0%) brackets have 1 of 4 Final Four teams correct
  • 1,018,795 (32.7%) brackets have 0 of 4 Final Four teams correct


The “Peggys in accounting” apparently still rule the roost when it comes to tournament pools. Also, anyone outside of Wichita, Kansas who claims they picked Wichita State in the Final Four is a liar and a smelly pirate hooker.


(c) 2013, Michael J. Gagliano. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the ownership, management, staff and/or sponsors of WRIF Radio or its parent company, Greater Media, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Bracket-Bust-O-Rama, By The Numbers

    1. There’s an old saying about “assumption” that I unfortunately can’t recall precisely. Something about a donkey & a manufacturing process. I think I slept through that class. Or it was in Spanish. Not sure which.

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