Random Stuff & Things, Vol. I

Word etymology, planning for after college, social media, new music from Black Sabbath, and more gobbledygook that I can’t fit into 140 characters. Dig in. It’s dee-lish.


“Booby Traps” would be a lot more pleasant if there were actual boobies involved. Plus, once you’ve incentivized participation in a booby trap, it wouldn’t really be much of a “trap.” It’d be more of a “break,” or “me time.”

University of Michigan Basketball players Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III have announced that they will be returning to school next season.

Someone please advise Tim Hardaway, Jr. to hit his pops up for a Rosetta Stone purchase. He’ll need it, seeing as how he’ll be playing somewhere in Europe next year.

My daughter is on Twitter. I do not have a problem with this.

My daughter has a friend on Twitter who lists her “real” name (not her Twitter handle) as “Colleen Queef.” I do not have a problem with this either.

I’m concerned, though, that somewhere in the Twitterverse is a girl my daughter’s age, who does not know what “queef” means, and thinks it’s cool enough to present “Queef” as an identity.

Side note: If you’re unfamiliar with the term “queef,” don’t bother Googling it. A “queef” is a “pussy fart.”

Just heard the new Black Sabbath, “God Is Dead.” Not bad at all. It was also nice to hear an Ozzy-vocal studio recording without gobs & gobs of vocal layering. It’s cool sometimes, but other times it’s like listening to an evil “We Represent The Lollipop Guild.”

CNN was embarrassed yesterday (4/17) by erroneously reporting that an arrest had been made in the Boston Marathon bomber case. Twitter was particularly brutal (but funny) in its CNN tongue-lashing.

I find it curious, though, that people are “incensed” and “furious” with CNN’s botched lead. In the “Breaking News” genre, a media outlet is only as good as it sources (which in this case, clearly fed both CNN and the Associated Press a bullshit story). This is not the same as “investigative journalism.” These networks make their money and reputation by being first to break news to the world. It’s a for-profit industry with extremely large viewership. These networks wouldn’t dedicate the resources they have to “breaking news”-style coverage if the demand wasn’t staggering.

If people are so infuriated over CNN’s gaffe, here’s my recommendation:

Stop watching breaking news coverage.

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