Information technology has revolutionalized financial services. So why is healthcare so far behind?


The U.S. leads the world in healthcare expenditures – an astounding $2.7 trillion in 2012 and rising every year. Yet in one recent study of medical outcomes in the world’s most highly developed countries we ranked last. By any measure we are experiencing a healthcare crisis. If we hope to change this – to improve the quality of care and make it available to more people, while still reducing costs – it is imperative that our health system embraces new and disruptive technologies.

Healthcare IT in infancy

In 1969, just six weeks after NASA landed the first men on the moon, the first $20 bill was dispensed from an automated teller machine. IT systems have since revolutionized financial services, and as a result banks have since saved billions of dollars as consumers first used ATMs for deposits and withdrawals, and then started to pay their bills and make purchases online…

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