School Shooting in CT 12/14

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Exclusive: Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez’s clipboard Blogs

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Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was lifted during Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals in what might have been the worst game in NFL history, or at least this week.

While Greg McElroy led the Jets to a win over the Cardinals, Mark Sanchez was caught furiously scribbling on his clipboard. What could he have possibly been writing?

We got a sneak peak with our spy camera.


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So your team’s season is over. Maybe they haven’t been officially eliminated from the playoffs just yet, but you know the truth. They’re done. All hope is lost. To make matters worse, we’ve probably already stuck a fork in them. Whether you’re bitter that your team didn’t live up to its potential (Eagles, Chargers) or you saw this coming back in August (Chiefs, Raiders), here is a list of ways for you to make the most of what’s left of the NFL season, even with your team on its way out.


5) Become a fan of the rival team of your best friend


Say your friend is a Chicago Bears fan. Rather than wasting your time, attention, or effort rooting for your team, devote yourself to rooting for the Green Bay Packers. Have a Baltimore Ravens fan in the family? You just became the #1 fan…

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